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Steriflow is your single source for high performance, high quality, sanitary valves and steam traps. Steriflow has earned their reputation for quality through twenty-five years of success in bio-pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and clean process industries. They have the most experience in designing and manufacturing valves and steam traps in the industry.

Sanitary Safety Relief Valves

The SSRV Sanitary Safety Relief Valve is designed to relieve over-pressure upset in hygienic and aseptic process and clean utility systems. The SSRV is designed to be manually set to open at a predetermined pressure to protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits.
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Sanitary Control Valves

Steriflow’s line of Sanitary Control Valves are designed for continuous precision low flow of media in various parts of the process, including clean utility and process areas of sanitary and aseptic systems.
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Sanitary Pressure Regulators

The Mark 95 back pressure regulator and the Mark 96 pressure reducing regulators are designed to regulate pressure in systems requiring the maintenance of sanitary conditions.

Sanitary Ball Valves

Steriflow’s Sanitary Ball Valves are constructed out of 316L and designed to follow ASME BPE guidelines. Some key features of the ball valves are the lockable handle, the anti-blowout stem, in-line repairable features, and many more!

Sanitary Check Valves

Steriflow produces check valves for applications that are a horizontal line, vertical line down-flow, and vertical line up-flow. The check valves are designed with very low cracking pressure and the removal of traditional spring and stem guide to eliminate potential contaminant buildup.

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