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With Sani-Matic, a multitude of cleaning solutions await. Sani-Matic offers stationary Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems, Portable CIP systems, and Clean-Out of-Place (COP) systems of all sizes. Sani-Matic also has a supporting line of components and system accessories.

Sani-Matic will work with you to custom engineer a cleaning solution to meet your specific plant application and utility requirements. Whether it’s a COP glassware washer or a portable CIP system, you can expect effective, efficient results that can be validated.

Sani-Matic will meet and exceed your expectations, providing high quality products that will streamline your cleaning process. Take a look at the innovation we can provide.

All Sani-Matic systems used in the bio-pharm industry are ASME BPE  and cGMP compliant.

Portable CIP Systems (UltraFlow)

The system’s high-turbulence flow self-cleans the unit as it progresses through the cycle, and removes solution buildup in the surge tank, saving time, water and chemicals. The UltraFlow’s many unique features make it flexible, capable of providing a repeatable, documentable clean, and meet cGMP and ASME BPE standards.

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Stationary CIP Systems

Sani-Matic’s stationary CIP systems are built to fit your process. With an experienced engineering and automation staff, the Sani-Matic team has designed a multitude of systems. Whether you’re looking for a single or multi-tank system, Sani-Matic has you covered.

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GMP Cabinet Washers (PharmaCab)

Sani-Matic’s PharmaCab series is a line of automated cabinet washers that can reliably handle the cleaning of every part of your manufacturing process. The PharmaCab series comes in three variations: SP for glassware, filter housings, scoops, hoses and fittings; MP for drums, pill slats, dedusters and any smaller parts; LP for Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and any smaller parts. These cabinets meet cGMP and ASME BPE cabinet washer standards. 

The ADEPT Rack Program ensures repeatable cleaning, with custom racks designed to fit the specific parts of your manufacturing process.

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COP Systems (Immersion Parts Washer)

Our Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) systems will provide you with the confidence that all process parts are repeatedly cleaned to your specifications. These systems also take away the ergonomic worry associated with manual cleaning.

Parts often washed in COP systems: pump rotors, impellers, hoses, tubing, piping, filter housings, needles, diaphragm valves, fittings, clamps, gaskets, mixers, benders, filler components, tools, bowls, hoppers, belts, etc.

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