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VNE is a member of the Neumo Ehrenberg Group that provides stainless steel and special alloys into the Biopharmaceutical, API, Personal Care, Food and Dairy sectors. We provide customers with innovation, higher quality products and manufacturing efficiencies.


MAXPURE is the brand name for the exclusive BPE fittings of the Neumo Ehrenberg Group Companies. One brand for world wide distribution for the critical needs of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and high purity industries.

MAXCORE Special Alloys

While 316L is adequate for most applications, high chloride media, acidic pH levels, high temperature, time of contact, and equipment design can affect the corrosion of stainless steel. The NEUMO Ehrenberg Group offers MaxCore 6Mo alloy tube and fittings manufactured in strict compliance with the ASME-BPE Standard and is offers benefitting in improved corrosion resistance for the most aggressive environments in the biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care, home care, food, dairy, and beverage industries worldwide.

Valves & Accessories

VNE offers a wide-range of valves & accessories that are designed specifically for use in Sanitary applications, including Butterfly, Check, Ball, PNE and Sampling Valves. Additionally, VNE’s custom manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, extruding / pulling up to 6.0 inch on manifolds and tees. We manufacturer specialty fittings per your design, precision manifolds, transition adapters, dip tubes and much more. Our engineering staff is available to help with the design and development process to further help our customers.

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