Who We Are

Exceptional Customer Service

Tru-Flow is a service-oriented company that was born from over 25 years of experience in the sanitary, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Over the past few decades, we have determined that hard work and a strong relationship with our customer is the key to success. When this is combined with class-leading products the result is a more satisfied customer and a more robust process.

Customer Inventory Management

Our team is fully versed in every product we sell. This also allows us to mitigate out-of-stock products.

Onsite Consultation

Our experienced team offers in-person consultations to ensure a high-quality solution and project fit.

Same Day Response

We pride ourselves in our communication and customer service, we strive to reach out within the same day to provide a response.

A team who cares

It is Tru-Flow’s goal to represent and provide the best products possible to the industries we serve. Our product knowledge and customer support is the value we offer our clients. All day. Every day. We want to be your process partner!

Semitorr intelligently sources the best of valve, valve automation and specialty PFF from our manufacturing partners around the world.

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