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Steridose develops magnetically coupled mixers for the global biopharmaceutical industry and others with similar demands that ensure our customers’ process integrity and compliance with industry standards.


The Sterimixer may be the most widely used magnetically coupled mixer for bio-pharmaceutical applications world-wide. It consists of the following major components: impeller, bearing, weld-plate, drive unit and control box. All wetted parts of the impeller and the weld-plate are made of AISI 316 L (EN 1.4404). Interchangeable impeller designs are available.


The new range of Sanimixer® is available in sizes up to 30 000 L (7 926 usgal) general mixing or 40 000 L (10 568 usgal) gentle mixing (ref. water). The bottom mounted mixer with open type impeller is a cost effective alternative to top mounted mixers and the natural choice for food, beverage, dairy, and cosmetic applications with high demands regarding cleanability and sterility.

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