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TRU-FLOW offers a wide variety of products including pumps, valves, sensors, disposable bags and assemblies, cleaning and washing equipment, elastomers, tubing, stainless steel fittings, and piping. Our premier products and customer service ethic are the backbone of our company. We want to be a partner in your process and help you succeed.

CIP systems, cabinet washers and immersion parts washers.

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High purity diaphragm valves and automation.

Tank bottom valves and weirless diaphragm valves.

Rupture discs, flame arrestors and safety relief valves.

Fluid and gas regulators, steam traps and ball valves.

High purity stainless steel tubing.

Peristaltic pumps, high accuracy peristaltic tubing and lab tubing.

DO, pH, cell viability and conductivity sensors.

High purity hoses.

Microliter dispensing, screw capping and crimp capping.

Single-use barb adapters, caps, clamps, and tube assemblies

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High purity tubing and tubing assemblies.

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Class VI gaskets and accessories.

Top-quality tubular fittings that meet all the stringent requirements of ASME BPE

Pumps, heat exchangers and tank cleaning equipment.

Gauges, sensors and instrumentation.

Bronze, carbon & stainless valves & components.

Pumps, valves, heat exchangers, homogenizers & more.

Diaphragm valves, sample valves & bottles & custom fabrication.

Tanks & vessels, fermentors & bioreactors, agitators & mixers.

Donaldson filtration solutions purify liquids and process water, steam, compressed air and technical gases.

Sanitary heat exchangers.

Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, mixers & blenders.

Mixers for industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, sanitary and lab applications.

Compression fittings, valves, quick connectors, hoses & components.

Sight glasses, visual flow indicators, tank lights, sanitary clamps and bubble traps.

Plastic tubing & hose, fittings, clamps & accessories and custom fabrication.

Fiber Glass Systems leads the world in supplying piping systems to a multitude of applications and service conditions.

Process valves & components, manifolds & CO2 components.

Tube hangers.

Sanitary ball valves, valve actuators, controls & positioners.

Heat exchangers & custom fabrication

3A fittings, brewery & winery pumps, valves, components & accessories.

ASME BPE fittings, special alloys, valves & accessories, custom fabrication.

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