Carolina Components
Ultra-pure, single-use equipment designed to process critical fluids in controlled environments

Carolina Components Group provides sanitary processing companies with unique fluid handling solutions that meet or exceed their stringent standards of quality, purity, safety and efficacy.

Carolina Components has more than 200 years of combined experience in the high purity processing component market.

Single-use Assemblies

Single-use assemblies are designed to customer’s specifications in clean rooms at the Durham, North Carolina facility. These ready to use assemblies ship in hermetically sealed bags, are fully customizable, and built to the specific requirements of the end user.


FlowLinX Sampling Assemblies

Fittings & Components

Carolina Components uses a variety of parts, both purchased and manufactured in house. They specialize in custom designed, injection molded solutions for each piece of your process needs, that maximize operational efficiency, and flexibility.


FlowLinx Sidewinder Clamp

Bio-processing Bags

Bioprocessing bags come in 2D and 3D bags, used for fluid transfer and storage. Carolina Components provides drum bags, mixing bags, and powder handling bags in sizes from 50mL to 3000L to suit your process needs.

Storage & Mixing Tanks

Storage and Mixing tanks come in sizes from 50L to 3000L, and have a variety of add on features and options to suit your bio-processing needs. A few of these options include load cells, temperature, pH and conductivity sensors, transfer pumps, and jacketing. 


Duoning DuoMixer

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