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SPX FLOW product offering is concentrated in rotating, actuating and hydraulic technologies, as well as automated process systems, into food and beverage, industrial and power and energy markets.

Centrifugal Pumps

The Waukesha brand pump offers strong performance and competitive price/value within the lower spectrum of heavy-duty, centrifugal pump applications. It can be installed in a series without fear of seal failure from elevated inlet pressures, even with viscous products.

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Universal Positive Displacement Pumps

Universal 2 Series pumps include advanced sanitation technologies, long life features and installation flexibility.

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Mix Proof Valves

Offers reliable separation of fluids and an ultra-hygienic option for enhanced cleanability.


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Valves In Action – D4 Series Mix Proof Manifolds


Single Seat Valves

A modular family of throttling or pressure control valves are the ultimate in easy cleaning, high pressure, low maintenance design.

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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers for Sanitary Applications

Sanitary applications represents a unique set of requirements to solve the job and live up to the strong demands for cleanability, accessibility and product integrity. APV’s sanitary portfolio is known for its high quality and value adding features. With a wide range of frame compression technologies, connection types and sanitary accessories for increased cleanability, APV can cover all heat transfer needs in the sanitary market place.

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From Lab-scale to full production models, you can achieve fully reproducible results for emulsions, dispersions or cell disruption. The homogenizer provides the desired mean particle size and uniform distribution you need to help you improve existing products and develop new ones.

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